Joan’s Cats

Joan’s Cats

Joan sent us a fur coat to have us make cats for her grand nieces. This fur was very challenging to work with–especially for making cats.
Lisa’s Ornaments

Lisa’s Ornaments

Lisa sent us a coat with this note: “The coat was my mother’s and the items are for three generations of her descendants.” We made cat head and dog head ornaments and some kittens for her. This was a first.

Fur Jacket made into Cats

Monica Barker sent her late aunt’s fur jacket/cape from the 1960s and asked me to make two cats for her and her mother for Christmas this year.  She specifically wanted Siamese cats, but I could not find a pattern specifically for that breed of cat and the...

Whimsical Cats

Erica had two of her late mother’s sun dresses. She contacted me wanting cats instead of bears. In an email exchange, I let her know what patterns I had available for cats. She chose an old primitive pattern with very whimsical cats. The fabric from the dresses...

Curling Cat

Rebecca sent me a fur that belonged to a friend. The friend’s mother had passed away and Rebecca wanted to have a cat made from the fur for her friend. Liane I do not do FB or I would definitely put a positive review on it for you.   The cat is beautiful,,,. The...

Two Crazy Cats

Bear saw my “crazy cats” and wanted two made from a couple of shirts that belonged to her late mother. She also sent a picture of her mother with the note that she was a very special lady with a whimsical and loving personality who had been a career nurse...
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