Communion Tie and Veil

Communion Tie and Veil

Catherine Scholz sent us some of her wedding dress remnants to have a First Communion neck tie and short veil made from them. The fabric from the wedding dress was translucent so I had to back it with some satin for the tie.

Christmas Tree Topper Angel from Wedding Dress

Diana Silhan sent her wedding dress to have a christening outfit made for her daughter.  She also had some accessories made from the remnants including a Christmas tree topper angel, a couple of pocket squares and a communion tie.

Organza Ruffles Make Princess Gown

Trudy Woolf sent her wedding dress to have a blessings gown made for her future grandchildren to wear. We chose to try and mimic the primary decorative elements of the original WD in the skirt and along the collar. We also made an infant bow-tie pin and neck tie for...

Maximizing the Materials

Colleen wanted to get as much from her wedding dress as possible. When you only have one, sometimes it makes sense to think about the future. We made her future grandchildren a unisex gown with a ceremonial robe. That allows her family to use the outfit for any...
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