Older Wedding Dress Made Into Christening Gown

Older Wedding Dress Made Into Christening Gown

Grant Duffin sent us a wedding dress and asked us to make a girl’s christening outfit as well as a decorative pillow from it. The gown was older and had a small amount of lace that we tried to use where it made sense. We did have to soak the lace to freshen it up a bit. Overall, I was pleased with how this little gown turned out.

Wedding dress baptism romper in purple

Chantel Bailey sent her wedding dress to have a romper made for her son. Since her dress had some lovely panels of purple, we made a romper with a faux vest and used the purple on the vest. When it was done, it just seemed like a matching bow tie pin was called for. We also made a reversible bib.

Chantel also asked if I could make the bodice of her dress into a decorative pillow. I tried to keep it as close to the shape of the bodice as I could.

Unisex Christening Outfits for Grandchildren


Kim Bokowski sent her wedding dress to have christening outfits made for current and future grandchildren. She chose to have a unisex gown with overlay and an ornate ceremonial robe along with accessories to make a complete ensemble for either a boy or a girl. We took advantage of every last bit of fabrics and materials from her original dress.

Wedding Dress Converted to Christmas Gifts

EarlM01webMolly Earl wanted a number of items made from her wedding dress for the holiday season. Her order came in a little later so we had to hustle to get these done in time for Christmas.
We made a Christmas tree skirt, a tree topper angel, a ring pillow and a garter.

Photo Elements

DlugoschK02web DlugoschK01web

We offer a picture “badge” option for our bears, but Kori wanted a photo put directly on a bear and a pillow made from her late mother’s clothing. I was pleased with the way these two items turned out. Unfortunately, we got the pictures flipped (the wrong photo on the wrong item). Happily, we had made the photos into sew-on patches so it wasn’t that hard to take them off and put the right photos on the right items.

New Tooth Fairy Pillows

tooth fairy pillow02 tooth fairy pillow03 Tooth fairy pillow01

The last issue of our e-newsletter mentioned our new tooth fairy pillows. Several people were pleased to see this option and even ordered some.

We can make them from your own fabric or wedding dress remnants, or we have them pre-made in three color options: solid white, pink on white and blue on white. We are charging $25 ea plus shipping.

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