Communion Tie and Veil

Communion Tie and Veil

Catherine Scholz sent us some of her wedding dress remnants to have a First Communion neck tie and short veil made from them. The fabric from the wedding dress was translucent so I had to back it with some satin for the tie.

Wedding Dress Converted to Heirloom Gifts

Susan Patricia decided to take full advantage of the materials from her dress when she sent it to us.  She wanted a variety of items made for her children, grandchildren and future grandchildren.  We made a couple of wedding garters, some embroidered kerchiefs and a...

First Communion Gown from Mom’s Wedding Dress

Jolene Sodano wanted to have her daughter’s First Communion dress designed using the remnants of her wedding dress. We had already created a christening gown for her youngest daughter from the dress. Although there was quite a bit of material to use, we did have...
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