Lovely Ensemble from Wedding Dress

Lauren Littlefield sent her wedding dress to have this christening gown ensemble made for her daughter and any future children. In addition to the gown, we made a girl and a boy bonnet, a pair of unisex booties and a lovely jewelry pouch.

Daughter’s Gowns Become Granddaughter’s Gown

Sarah Collins sent her daughter’s baptism gown and communion dress to have us combine the fabrics into a baptism gown for her granddaughter. We had to be creative to get enough fabric for a standard baptism gown, but I was pleased with the results.

Baptism Outfit made from Grandmother’s 1980s Dress

Denise Larner sent her wedding dress from the early 1980s to have this ensemble made for her first grandson and any future grandchildren. The gown is our traditional “Bishop” style. We tried to keep it unisex while also capturing some of the lovely lace elements from the original dress.

Christening Gown from Grandmother and Great Grandmother Dress

MunchakM 01web

Mary Munchak sent her wedding dress AND her mother’s wedding dress to have the materials combined into christening outfits for her new grandson and any future grandchildren. The original wedding dress was made of a lovely satin and worked well for making a gown, romper, robe and some accessories.

Sleeveless Baptism Gown Mimics Mom’s Wedding Dress


Kimberly Roe sent her wedding dress to have us make a baptism gown and accessories for her daughter. She wanted us to capture the overall feel of the original wedding dress so we made a sleeveless gown and used the bead work from the waist line.
Kimberly wanted a tie-on headband so we used the WD satin to make a floral element that hides the tie ribbons.

Unisex Christening Outfits for Grandchildren


Kim Bokowski sent her wedding dress to have christening outfits made for current and future grandchildren. She chose to have a unisex gown with overlay and an ornate ceremonial robe along with accessories to make a complete ensemble for either a boy or a girl. We took advantage of every last bit of fabrics and materials from her original dress.

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