Bohemian Christening Gown with Lace

Adrienne Sommers sent her wedding dress to have a baptism outfit made for her granddaughter.  She told us that her granddaughter was going to be raised in a Bohemian/Natural style so I decided to change up the design a bit.  I wanted the gown to have a free-lowing, angelic quality so we went with our “princess” style and I made the sleeves from lace and kept them wide (almost like wings).  We also made a tooth fairy pillow.

SommersA gownw01

SommersA  toothpillow01a SommersA  toothpillow01bSommersA  headband01SommersA  wd01

Wedding Dress Converted to Blanket, Bears and Flowers

Judith Mosier sent her wedding dress to have us make several items including a patchwork blanket, a couple of bears, tooth fairy pillows, a couple of cabbage patch doll dresses and roses.

Her wedding dress had limited amounts of lace that we placed on different squares.  We also created patterns with ribbon and different strips of the different materials to  create variety.

MosierJ Blanket01web

MosierJ Angelbear01webMosierJ TFpillowbwebMosierJ TFpillowawebMosierJ Rose01webMosierJ CabbageDollDress02web

Pretty Princess Baptism Gown

HarperL01webLeslie Harper sent her wedding dress to have a baptism gown made for her granddaughter. The wedding dress had soft enough fabrics to make a lovely “Princess” style gown. We also made some booties, a head band and matching bonnet. Leslie was the first of several people lately to ask about having a tooth fairy pillow made so I spent some time coming up with the pattern for a pillow that we can offer as a Fairy Godmother Creations original Tooth Fairy Pillow.

We just received our box of goodies from Liane and cannot wait until Sunday for our granddaughter to wear her new dress, headband, bonnet, and booties. Also anxiously awaiting the loss of her first tooth (she only has 2)!! Was delighted to see her tooth fairy pillow displayed on this site before we’d even received it! 🙂
This was the best decision I’ve made, and I am so glad I preserved my dress all those years ago. liane and Olga’s craftsmanship, creativity and attentiveness to detail and to please their customers is second to none. I have enough remnants for more grand babies and am now thinking of send ing my late mother’s mink for some bears. Thank you Liane! I will post pictures of Harper on Sunday! 🙂  Leslie

New Tooth Fairy Pillows

tooth fairy pillow02 tooth fairy pillow03 Tooth fairy pillow01

The last issue of our e-newsletter mentioned our new tooth fairy pillows. Several people were pleased to see this option and even ordered some.

We can make them from your own fabric or wedding dress remnants, or we have them pre-made in three color options: solid white, pink on white and blue on white. We are charging $25 ea plus shipping.

If you aren’t currently getting our newsletter and want to, it is easy to sign up. Just go to www.fairygodmothercreations.com and you’ll see the sign-up form in the left margin.

What to do with a Wedding Dress


Donna Taglione wanted to use her wedding dress for gifts to pass on to future generations. She wasn’t interested specifically in christening gowns as much as smaller gifts that she could give to children and grandchildren. We made ring pillows, garters, a pocket square, headbands, bonnets, bibs and tooth fairy pillows.


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