A Wedding Dress Legacy

A Wedding Dress Legacy

Stacey Paradise sent us her wedding dress and this note:

“This is my wedding dress from 2003. I’d like an ornate gown, romper, unisex bonnet and bib for my future grand babies. I have 3 daughters but I also have stage 4 breast cancer I would like to discuss wedding items for my 3 with you with what I have leftover.”

We made the christening items along with some memory flowers for her daughters to use some day in their wedding bouquets.


A Grandmother’s Wedding Dress

A Grandmother’s Wedding Dress

Pat Zielinski sent her wedding dress to have us make a christening outfit for her grandchild. Here is what she had to say about the finished gown:

“Hello Liane, The gown arrived Saturday and we are so thrilled with the outcome – you definitely must be a fairy godmother because you worked magic on my 48 (yikes!) year old gown.  It is better than I could have ever imagined. Many thanks for this treasure,”  Pat Zielinski



Lace Makes Graceful Christening Outfit

Melanie Kilanowski-Doroh sent us her wedding dress to have an ornate unisex christening gown made with both a boy and girl bonnet and a bib.  Her WD had some lovely lace cut-out in the skirt and along the hem line and bead work that we tried to take full advantage of.

KilanowskiM 01web

Taking Advantage of the Lace

Nikki Cave sent her wedding dress to have a Christening gown and bonnet made. With such lovely lace to work with, we used our “princess” style, keeping the bodice in satin with a little applique of lace and the sleeves in a loose, flowing style from just the lace. The skirt took full advantage of the lace over satin.


A Dash of Color

Jo Ann Chance sent us her wedding dress to have baptism outfits made for her daughter and future grandchildren. There was quite a bit of excitement in the studio when her WD arrived because it had beautiful red satin and silver embroidery/bead accents.   We don’t get to work in color all that often with our Christening outfits.  All of us wanted to work on this project

JoAnn wanted our gown, romper and bonnet combo. She also added a boy’s cap, a bow tie pin and a protective bib.

ChanceJ gown01ChanceJ bonnet01ChanceJ bib01ChanceJ WD01ChanceJ romper01ChanceJ cap01

Son’s Romper from Wedding Dress

Courtney Bedillion sent her wedding dress to have a baptism romper and gown set made for her new son and any future babies and grandbabies. Her wedding dress had a lovely mesh with tiny silk flowers in small bunches that we tried to maximize in both the baptism gown and the romper. In addition to the gown and romper, we made a matching bonnet, protective bib and pretty hairband.

BedillionC Romper01web

BedillionC Headband01web BedillionC Gown01web BedillionC Bonnet01web BedillionC Bib01web BedillionC WD01web

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