Eight Bears to Remember Late Husband


Doris Kaderabek sent her late husbands clothing and asked us to make eight bears for her grandchildren and make outfits for the bears from her husband’s clothing. We made shirts, pants and red suspenders for each bear.
“The 8 bears arrived today. Thank you, thank you. I love them. Doris Kaderabek”

Comforting a Sister

Hunter S01webStephanie Hunter sent some shirts from her late brother-in-law to have this bear made for her sister in hopes that he will provide some comfort in her loss this Christmas.

Photo Elements

DlugoschK02web DlugoschK01web

We offer a picture “badge” option for our bears, but Kori wanted a photo put directly on a bear and a pillow made from her late mother’s clothing. I was pleased with the way these two items turned out. Unfortunately, we got the pictures flipped (the wrong photo on the wrong item). Happily, we had made the photos into sew-on patches so it wasn’t that hard to take them off and put the right photos on the right items.

Custom Bears From Fur And Hats

HarrigillM01webMonica Harrigil sent us about six interesting, older hats and asked us to make bears for her four grandchildren from them.

Three of the hats were made of felt but there simply wasn’t any way to get four bears from the hats so, instead, I suggested that we make four fur bears and use the hats to make outfits for the bears. Monica liked the idea and these four beauties were born.

A Memory of Grandpa

hamiltonG01webGayle Hamilton sent her father’s shirt to have this bear made for her daughter–who was very close to her grandfather.

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