Flower Girl’s Dress from Wedding Dress

BrothersK01webKathleen Brothers sent her wedding dress to be made into a flower girl’s dress for her daughter to wear to her uncle’s wedding. We also made a matching headband and panties as well as a wedding garter.

A Touch of Pink in Christening Outfit

Penelope Simpson sent her wedding dress to have a christening outfit made for her granddaughter. We don’t often get wedding dresses with color in them so, when we do, we like to play with the color a bit.  The floral overlay made for such an elegant outfit.

SimpsonP Panty01webSimpsonP headband01webSimpsonP Gown01webSimpsonP Booties01web

Christening Outfits from Two Grandmas’ Wedding Dresses

Mary Furman sent her wedding dress and her daughter’s mother-in-law’s wedding dress to have a christening outfit made for their first grandchild. The wedding dresses were both very different and mixing the different materials was a challenge, but we were pleased with the results.


FurmanM gown01web

For the gown, we used the satin from the MIL WD on the bodice and sleeves and added some lacey applique from Mary’s WD. The skirt used the lining fabric from the MIL WD and an overlay of organza and ace from Mary’s WD.[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third]

FurmanM Booties01web

The booties used the satin and lining fabrics from the MIL WD and we appliqued some flowers from Mary’s WD.[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third_end]

FurmanM Bib01web

The bib used the satin from the MIL WD and an applique of lace from Mary’s WD. [/ezcol_1third_end]


FurmanM Headband01web

The headband was made from the lining and organza of Mary’s WD with beads from the MIL WD.[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third]

FurmanM panties01web

The panties used the lining fabric from the MIL WD and were decorated with some accordion organza from Mary’s WD.[/ezcol_1third][ezcol_1third_end]


FurmanM Pouches01web FurmanM kerchiefs01webMary also had us make a couple of kerchiefs from her WD and two jewelry pouches for her to pass on to her children.

Granddaughter’s Lacy Christening Gown

Trudy Bartl sent her wedding dress to have a christening gown made for her granddaughter. She wanted us to incorporate as much of the beautiful lace from her WD as possible so we did. We also made a matching bonnet, booties and panties.

BartelG Gown01webBartelG WD01webBartelG bonnet01webBartelG booties01webBartelG panties01web

Daughter’s Gowns Become Granddaughter’s Gown

Sarah Collins sent her daughter’s baptism gown and communion dress to have us combine the fabrics into a baptism gown for her granddaughter. We had to be creative to get enough fabric for a standard baptism gown, but I was pleased with the results.

Christening Gown Designed After Wedding Dress

Jillian Reynolds sent her wedding dress to have us make this christening outfit for her daughter. We tried to keep some of the design elements from the original dress in the gown. It is a challenge to make ruching work in infant wear, but I was pleased with the outcome. A pair of ruffle-butt panties and a lovely head band completed the outfit


Fairy Godmother Creations did a wonderful job on my daughter Mya’s christening gown. This dress is so special to me. I wore this dress on my wedding day and I was 4 months pregnant with my daughter Mya. I love this dress and what they did with it. We got so many compliments. This dress will be in our family forever!
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