​​Custom Memory Bears


Making Memory bears from clothing and from fur coats for over 20 years. We work in any kind of fabric, fur or material.  Some materials are harder to make Memory Bears with than others so our memory bear services are divided into several categories.


Click on the button with each category to learn more:

Memory Bear from Fur

We make Tedy Bears from a Real Fur or Faux Fur coat. These materials require some special handling and treatment to get a good Teddy Bear

Memory bear from clothing

We make Memory Bears from a loved one’s clothing. We can use 1-3 Fabric Garments including: Shirts, pants, robes, pajamas, sweaters, dresses, uniforms and so much more.

Memory Bear from clothing

We offer a larger, squishy Memory Bear Made From 1-3 pieces of clothing This may be more appropriate Memory Bear for a young child to hug

Memory Bear from Wedding Dress

We make Memory Bears Made From Wedding Dress Materials A Memory bear from a wedding dress may take a bit longer to work with so they have their own category.

We make Memory Bears Made From Military Uniforms. Find out more about Memory bears made from military uniforms.

memory bear from neck tie

We make Patchwork  bears or Memory bears from  Neck TiesBears from multiple garments are made by first making a patchwork fabric from the garments or ties.

Bear Pricing

Find more information about our Memory Bear options, add-ons & accessories, ordering and frequently asked questions on the individual Pages for each bear type


Fabric Based Bears

  • $120 Jointed Fabric Memory Bear 14″
  • $135 Jointed Fabric Memory Bear 16″
  • $150 Jointed Fabric Memory Bear 18″
  • $105 Non-jointed Fabric Memory Bear (20″)

Fur Based Bears

  • $165 Standard Fur Memory Bear 10″-14″
  • $185 Standard Fur Memory Bear 16″
  • $205 Standard Fur Memory Bear 18″
  • $235 Standard Fur Memory Bear 20″

Wedding Dress Based Bears

  • $145 Standard Wedding Dress Memory Bear 16″

Patchwork and Neck Tie Bears

  • $165 for a Patchwork or Neck Tie Memory Bear 16″

Shipping Information

Shipping is $16 for the first memory bear and $6 per each additional bear. We are located in Dayton, Ohio (45402)

How to Order your bear

Download the PDF order form.  Fill it out and send it, along with your garment and payment to: Fairy Godmother Creations 2043 Edgeworth Ave, Dayton, OH 45414 If you have additional questions or just want to talk to a human being before making your decision, you can contact me at.

  • Phone: 937-231-5025
  • Email: Liane@fairygodmothercreations.com

For some reason, AOL doesn’t always allow my emails through. If you have emailed me and don’t receive a response within 24 hours, it means I either didn’t get your email, or my response did not make it to you.

Videos of our bears

Christmas 2013 – 119 Memory Bears, One Cat and a Whole Lot of Christmas Joy

We had such a wonderful time this Christmas season! We created 119 Memory Bears (and one cat), and helped spread a whole lot of Christmas joy. Here’s a quick look at all 119 Memory Bears (and one cat). Thanks to everyone for letting us be a part of your Christmas celebration. We hope you enjoy the bears (and one cat)!


Recent Memory Bears and Accessories

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