A Quilt Made From Three Wedding Dresses

A Quilt Made From Three Wedding Dresses

Lauren Funk sent us her wedding dress, her mother’s wedding dress and her grandmother’s wedding dress to have us combine them into one quilt.

This project was extremely challenging. I wanted to capture the primary elements of each wedding dress and some of those elements did not want to lay flat or work with the other fabrics. However, I was proud of the final quilt. It was a bit large for my photo wall so I had trouble getting a good picture of it.

T-shirt quilts for Pam’s children

T-shirt quilts for Pam’s children

Pam brought us her grown children’s school t-shirts to have three t-shirt quilts made. We tried to capture the spirit of the shirts in each quilt.

2020 ReCap – Some of our favorites

2020 ReCap – Some of our favorites

Ok, I like to do a wrap-up post of the past year here at Fairy Godmother Creations. 2020 was a rough year in a lot of ways. Sales were down quite a bit. COVID-19 shut down Christenings and Baptisms so we ended up making a lot fewer outfits than usual.

We produced 92 Christening outfits and accessories this year (compared to 288 in previous years).

We made 297 bears and 114 bear accessories

We made 46 quilted items and 327 miscellaneous items like tree topper angels, ornaments, Christmas stockings, Tree Skirts etc.

Here are a few of my favorite projects from the year. ?

This little bear had it all. She was a gift from the client for his wife and he had a whole list of things he wanted us to try with it. I thought she came out really cute.

Although I generally love the angels we put out, this one was more unusual because we worked with something other than a wedding dress.

We made some really lovely Christening outfits this year, but I thought this one was especially lovely. It helps to have such lovely materials to work with.

We ended up making four quilts for this customer. They were all made from his fatigues and I was really proud of the way they all turned out.

I just loved the way this Christmas Tree Skirt turned out. Julia did most of the work on it. come to think of it, I think Julia did the work on the angel and ornaments as well.

This quilt was made from a late sister’s scarves. I actually made two of these (different colors) but this one was my favorite.

These were made from grandpa’s military uniforms and grandma’s nurses uniform.

These were made from a woman’s sons’ onesies. Her sons are much older now and she didn’t want to just get rid of the onesies so she asked me to make dinos from them.

This pony was made from a dad’s military outfit for his son.

This dino was made from a dad’s military outfit for his sons.

This was a new monkey pattern for me this year. I ended up making three of them. It is just a really fun gift to make.

These two were made from a dog’s bed. The family lost their dog and mom wanted two pups for her sons in memory of their beloved pet.

Turning fur Coats into a Wall Sculpture

I posted this on my Facebook Page when it was first done but this was such an interesting project that it needs to go here as well.  

Rita Manogue sent me several fur coats and asked me to make a unique wall hanging. I did quite a bit of research to see what kind of fur wall hangings/blankets etc. have been done before.  My first thought was to look for Native American themed blankets and images, but all of the images I could find on the internet were very basic. I didn’t find anything that excited me so I decided to step off the cliff and see if I could make a sculpted wall hanging with a wolf theme.  This is one I’m really proud of.

T-Shirt Quilt Makes Great Gift for Son

T-shirt quilts are very popular with graduating seniors and Gerri Walsh wanted to get one made for her son’s birthday. His school colors are red and white so most of the shirts were red and white with touches of black and grey. I used the major graphics within the blocks and pulled the red fabric from the red shirts to frame the blocks and create some continuity. The quilt is backed with warm, soft anti-pill fleece to make it snuggly–even for a young man.

Wedding Dress Converted to Blanket, Bears and Flowers

Judith Mosier sent her wedding dress to have us make several items including a patchwork blanket, a couple of bears, tooth fairy pillows, a couple of cabbage patch doll dresses and roses.

Her wedding dress had limited amounts of lace that we placed on different squares.  We also created patterns with ribbon and different strips of the different materials to  create variety.

MosierJ Blanket01web

MosierJ Angelbear01webMosierJ TFpillowbwebMosierJ TFpillowawebMosierJ Rose01webMosierJ CabbageDollDress02web

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