Baby Quilt From Wedding Dress

Baby Quilt From Wedding Dress

Cathy Jones sent us her wedding dress to have a baby blanket made from it. Her dress did not have a lot of lace and ornamentation to use so I chose to center what worked best and then create appliqued leaves and lotus as a way to create an elegant blanket....

T-Shirt Quilt Makes Great Gift for Son

T-shirt quilts are very popular with graduating seniors and Gerri Walsh wanted to get one made for her son’s birthday. His school colors are red and white so most of the shirts were red and white with touches of black and grey. I used the major graphics within...

Wedding Dress Converted to Blanket, Bears and Flowers

Judith Mosier sent her wedding dress to have us make several items including a patchwork blanket, a couple of bears, tooth fairy pillows, a couple of cabbage patch doll dressesĀ and roses. Her wedding dress had limited amounts of lace that we placed on different...

Lovely Wedding Dress Blanket

June Varas had us turn the remnants of her WD into this baby blanket. I used the lace elements from her WD as applique on some of the squares and backed the patchwork top with soft fleece to make the blanket soft and cuddly.
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