Baptism Outfit from Both Grandmothers’ Wedding Dresses

Denise Durick asked us to make a baptism outfit that combined her wedding dress and her daughter’s mother-in-law’s wedding dress. The two dresses were pretty different in color and design so it took some time to figure out how to best combine them. Our...

Unique Christening Gown from Wedding Dress

Kari Jamicich sent her wedding dress to have a unisex gown made for her son to wear for his baptism. Her wedding dress was made of pretty thick poly satin so we went with our “Bishop” style gown. Because the gown had seams falling in inconvenient places, I...

Traditional, Ornate and Beautiful

Ruth Abrahams sent her wedding dress to have an ornate unisex baptism gown made.  She said she loved the lace and hoped to have it be traditionally ornate and very beautiful.   She also had us make a ring pillow for the future.

Lace Makes Graceful Christening Outfit

Melanie Kilanowski-Doroh sent us her wedding dress to have an ornate unisex christening gown made with both a boy and girl bonnet and a bib.  Her WD had some lovely lace cut-out in the skirt and along the hem line and bead work that we tried to take full advantage...

Unisex Christening Gown from Mom’s Wedding Dress

Jody Knapke brought her wedding dress by to have us make an heirloom unisex baptism gown for her family. We took advantage of the lace from her dress and put it on the oversize collar. We also created a ribbon from the back tie of her dress.

Mother-in-Law Wedding Dress Turned into Christening Gown

Emily Nolan sent her late Mother-in-Law’s wedding dress to have christening outfits made for grandchildren. We made an ornate unisex gown in our “Bishop” style that took advantage of some of the lace elements. We also made a matching bonnet and...
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