SA crazycats2Bear saw my “crazy cats” and wanted two made from a couple of shirts that belonged to her late mother. She also sent a picture of her mother with the note that she was a very special lady with a whimsical and loving personality who had been a career nurse and who also loved cats.

Greetings Liane,

Recieved the Crazy Cats today… omigosh, how to thank you for what you do??  These are so purrfect, and Mamma would just love them, as we do!  They are *so* my Mamma!!  I know she is chuckling at us now, shaking her head, and saying “Oh you crazy kids!”!!  And quality craftsmanship, too!  All very much appreciated, and well worth the price and beyond.  I am grateful that my friend told us about you, and I have also passed info along about your business.  Best Wishes, and God Bless!!

Most Sincerely,

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