Memory Bears from Two fur Coats

Memory Bears from Fur Coat

We make bears from fur coats. We have been making teddy bears from fur coats for over 20 years!  Please visit our FAQ (found here) for more information about types of fur. Whether we are working with real fur or faux fur, each of our bears is crafted to last, with jointed arms and legs and high attention to detail. They come with acrylic safety-lock eyes and plastic noses.


Pricing of Bears From Fur Coat

Each bear has jointed arms and legs, acrylic safety-lock eyes, plastic nose and comes with a satin ribbon around its neck.  We try to use the lining of the coat for any scarf and accents whenever possible.

  • $165 (plus shipping) for a 10″-14″ fur coat memory bear
  • $185 (plus shipping) for a 16″ fur coat memory bear
  • $205 (plus shipping) for an 18″ fur coat memory bear
  • $235 (plus shipping) for an 20″ fur coat memory bear

NOTE: For Mouton, Fox, Raccoon, Coyote and Seal. We can’t make a teddy bear smaller than 16″. Because of the thickness of the hide or density of the long fur, these furs simply don’t work for smaller memory bears. We are not currently offering a non-jointed option in fur bears.


  • $20 Custom Scarf
  • $22 to embroider two (2) initials on one foot per bear (Because the foot pad is not that large, we are limited to two (2) initials per foot.)
  • $22 to embroider initials or name on scarf (I do not have a large, industrial embroidery machine so am limited to a 4″ space but I can put a name on each scarf)
  • $27 for a heart applique with embroidered initials or name (usually placed on the tummy)
  • $25 to make a vest 
  • $10 for glasses

Shipping Information

Shipping is $16 for the first memory bear and $6 per each additional bear. We are located in Dayton, Ohio (45402).

How to Order a Bear from Fur Coat

Click the Order Form Graphic and it will take you to our order forms page. Download the “Memory Bears” PDF order form.  Fill it out for the type of teddy bear (s) you want.  Send it, along with your garment and payment to:

Fairy Godmother Creations
2043 Edgeworth Ave.
Dayton, OH 45414

If you you have additional questions or just want to talk to a human being before making your decision, you can contact me at.

Phone: 937-231-5025

Email: Liane@fairygodmothercreations.com

For some reason, AOL doesn’t always allow my emails through. If you have emailed me and don’t receive a response within 24 hours, it means I either didn’t get your email, or my response did not make it to you.

Additional Information

How much fur does it take to make a bear? I can usually get the following:

  • Standard small shoulder stole = Two 12″-14″ bears
  • Larger stole or small jacket = Two 14″ bears one 16″” bear
  • Hip-length jacket/coat = Three to four 12″-14″ bears or two 16″″ bears or one 18″ bear
  • Full length coat = Six 12″-14″ bears or three 16″- 18″ bears

Each bear has approximately 24 pattern pieces. If someone wants more bears from a garment, I can sometimes adapt my patterns to make smaller bears. I don’t like to work with bears less than 9″ though.

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