“Gamma make me a bear?”

“Gamma make me a bear?”

The other day, my phone rang and, when I answered it, a small voice said “Gamma make me bear?” It was my 4-year-old granddaughter. So, what is a grandma who makes bears supposed to do but spend the first free Saturday she has, making a bear. I think this one is about as tall as she is too. 🙂

Front Street Christkindle

Front Street Christkindle

This weekend is Christkindle Market at Front Street on Nov. 27 and 28th. Fairy Godmother Creations will be open so come visit! I have some make-it-take-it projects for young and old. Color and cut out Santa and Mrs Claus paper dolls, make a Santa or Snowman mint container place holder or an ornament gift box. For the adventurous, I have a woven basket heart ornament you can make.
Come spend the evening on Saturday (4p-9p) or the day on Sunday (11a-4p) exploring the studios of Front Street. Participate in make-it-take-it projects. Vote on the best decorated studio. Shop local, artist made products for your loved ones.

What to do with a Wedding Dress

I people often call and ask me what can be done with their wedding dress.  Although FGC offers several options, you kind of have to look all over this web site to find them all. So, I created a new sub-page under Heirloom Gifts called “What to do with a Wedding Dress

That page gives links and descriptions for all of the different items through the web site that can be made from wedding dress fabrics/materials.

I am planning to expand our Wedding Dress Conversions services this year to include a selection of purses, some additional Christening accessories and Communion accessories and a couple more Bridal gift options as well so check in every now and then.

Stuffed Menagerie

Nancy Busch wanted something a little different from her mink fur coats.  She wanted a Monkey, a Pony and a Dog–so that is what we made!

People often ask about the patterns I use and, with my bears, it is complicated because the patterns are an amalgamation of several patterns that I combined and then, those patterns have morphed over the past 16 years as I adapted them to work with every kind of material thrown my way 🙂  However, I don’t get to do different animals that often in an average year so I usually use an existing pattern.

This was the first time I’ve used this monkey pattern.  I normally like to use the monkey pattern from the book Adventures in Toy-Making by Gillian Bradshaw-Smith (published in 1976).  It is a fun pattern and I like the look.  However, there was a pattern in another book I have Sew Soft and Cuddly Animals by Donna Childers (published in 1978) that has had me intrigued for some time so I decided to give it a try.  It is a more difficult pattern, but I do like that the features are more defined.  The face, ears, foot and hand pads are made of doe suede.  It had the right texture to go with this fur.


This pony pattern is also found in Sew Soft and Cuddly Animals.  It is my favorite for thicker fabrics or fur usually.  There is another really good pony pattern in the book Easy-to-Make Stuffed Animals & All the Trimmings by Jodie Davis (published in 1992) but the legs are somewhat thin so they don’t work as well with thick fur or fabrics.  For this pony, I chose to add some of my own contrast black mink on the hooves and found some died black fox for the main and tail.  To help him stand, I did sink small dowel rods wrapped in poly fiber fill into each of his legs


For the dog, I have a lot of different dog patterns to choose from–including a variety of breeds–however, I keep coming back to McCall’s Crafts Pattern #M6620.  I’ve used this pattern many times and really like it for a basic dog even though it has a couple of different breeds represented.  It isn’t a particularly easy pattern, but the finished dog usually actually looks like a dog 🙂


Soft and Squishy Non-Jointed Bears Now Available

We now offer soft, squishy, non-jointed Memory Bears!

By popular request, I’ve developed a non-jointed memory bear pattern for those who want a softer and more “squishy” bear to hug.  These happy, huggable bears are intended to bring comfort, joy and good memories.

Our signature bear has jointed arms and legs. Joints allow you to move the arms and legs up and down and allows you to position a bear. They also allow the placement of the legs so that the bear can sit on its own. However, to accomodate the joints, we have to stuff the bears firmly so, although they are cuddly, they aren’t soft and “squishy” cuddly.

By creating a non-jointed bear, we don’t have to stuff it so firmly so we can make a much softer bear. Our non-jointed bear is not only great for hugging, it is going to be a bit more durable for younger children to play with and much more cuddly to crawl into bed with and hug at night.

We are currently only offering one size. Our 20″ non-jointed fabric bear is $95 each. I’m sorry, we don’t offer this option from fur coats, only in fabric-based garments.

Shipping is additional.

Click here to find out more about our fabric non-jointed bears

August Special

Coupon 080115

Augusts is the month for FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100!  If you’ve been thinking of getting a special item made, NOW is the time to get your order in!

August is, traditionally, our slowest month of the year, once August is over, we will be headed into our Holiday rush.  So, I decided to encourage people to get their orders in early this year by offering free shipping on any order over $100 that comes in between now and August 31st.  So, now is the best time to get that project you’ve been wanting done ordered.

Just print off this coupon image OR you can simply cross out the shipping cost on the order form and write in “Free” or “Special Offer” or anything that lets me know that you are taking advantage of this special August offer.

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