We Repair Damaged Bears

We Repair Damaged Bears

Christine Stanley sent me her fur bear that had gotten damaged. She sent this note as well: “Thank you so much for repairing my bear! I’ve had him in my closet. He needs to be given to my son. He was a gift from my mother and I couldn’t part with him...

Bears Made From Dad’s Neck Ties for Sons

Elizabeth sent us a bunch of her late husband’s ties to have these two necktie bears made for her grown sons. The ties were very colorful, which makes colorful bears.

A Quintet of Necktie Bears

Cinthia Reed sent a bunch of neck ties and asked us to make as many bears as we could from them. We were able to get five 14″ bears but it took every last inch of fabric from the ties.

Dad’s Ties Become Charming Memory Bears

Mary Hendrick sent two dozen of her late father’s neck ties to have these two guys made. Neck ties make really nice bears. There is a richness to the fabrics that shows. We create a patchwork fabric from the ties and then cut the bears from that, so there is a...

Grandpa’s Neckties Converted Into Treasured Memory Bear

Michele had us make her son’s christening gown this past year and she wanted to give her son a special first birthday gift. She sent us a bunch of her late father’s neck ties to have patchwork bear made. This 20″ bear took 16 neck ties....
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