We Repair Damaged Bears

We Repair Damaged Bears

Christine Stanley sent me her fur bear that had gotten damaged. She sent this note as well: “Thank you so much for repairing my bear! I’ve had him in my closet. He needs to be given to my son. He was a gift from my mother and I couldn’t part with him at the time. I used to sit next to my grandma in church when she wore this fur coat.”
The bear was missing a face and had some patches of fur that needed replacing. I was able to give him a new face and patch him up for the next generation to love.

Mom’s Wedding Dress Turned into Teddy Bears

Kathryn Stoll sent her mother’s wedding dress to have us make memory bears from it for her siblings. With wedding dress bears, we try to incorporate any lace elements where possible.

Wedding Dress Converted to Blanket, Bears and Flowers

Judith Mosier sent her wedding dress to have us make several items including a patchwork blanket, a couple of bears, tooth fairy pillows, a couple of cabbage patch doll dresses and roses.

Her wedding dress had limited amounts of lace that we placed on different squares.  We also created patterns with ribbon and different strips of the different materials to  create variety.

MosierJ Blanket01web

MosierJ Angelbear01webMosierJ TFpillowbwebMosierJ TFpillowawebMosierJ Rose01webMosierJ CabbageDollDress02web

Angel Teddy Bear from Wedding Dress

This little 14″ angel bear was made for Judith Mosier from a wedding dress. When making a wedding dress memory bear, we try to use as many of the decorative elements from the WD as we can. In this case, there were some pretty lace details that we added to the tummy and to the back of the angel wings. The wedding dress fabrics that were left wouldn’t have made the prettiest wings so I used a pair of pre-made gold wings that we had on hand.

MosierJ Angelbear02web MosierJ Angelbear01web MosierJ Angelbear03web

Heirloom Wedding Dress Makes Memory Bear

wedding dress bear05Michelle MacDonald sent us a wedding dress to have this bear made. Turning an heirloom wedding dress into teddy bears is a great way to still have the memory of the dress while being able to better display the bear.

Christening Combo and Bear

ElmerK01webhKimberely Elmer sent her wedding dress to have this unisex gown and robe combo made for her future grandchildren to wear. The wedding dress was made of a lovely satin without a lot of embellishment so we kept to a simple elegance. The outfit includes a cotton slip and a unisex bonnet. Kimberely also asked for a teddy bear to be made from the wedding dress for her daughter.

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