SA EJcats03webErica had two of her late mother’s sun dresses. She contacted me wanting cats instead of bears. In an email exchange, I let her know what patterns I had available for cats. She chose an old primitive pattern with very whimsical cats. The fabric from the dresses was colorful wtih a tropic feel to it. Getting the colors to work well together was quite a challenge and made for four very bright, whimiscal cats full of character.


I just receved the cats.  I absolutely LOVE them!  They are quirky and have so much personality.  My Mother would’ve loved them.  I originally wanted to go with the Memory Bears, but noticed you had other pattern designs.  I found one of the cat patterns and instantly fell in love.  My Mom was a vivacious, kind-hearted, cat loving woman and these Memory Cats are the perfect tribute to her.  My stepfather and sister will adore them.  Thanks for making my Mother’s essence live on  🙂

Thank you, Erica

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