Remembering Grandpa and Grandma

Jane Ann Cunningham sent us the following note with her order “These are items from my parents who passed this year within 6 months of each other. The fabric is from their sleep wear and the two bears are for their great grandsons” We mixed the garments so that each bear has something from each grandparent.

Soft and Squishy Non-Jointed Bears Now Available

We now offer soft, squishy, non-jointed Memory Bears!

By popular request, I’ve developed a non-jointed memory bear pattern for those who want a softer and more “squishy” bear to hug.  These happy, huggable bears are intended to bring comfort, joy and good memories.

Our signature bear has jointed arms and legs. Joints allow you to move the arms and legs up and down and allows you to position a bear. They also allow the placement of the legs so that the bear can sit on its own. However, to accomodate the joints, we have to stuff the bears firmly so, although they are cuddly, they aren’t soft and “squishy” cuddly.

By creating a non-jointed bear, we don’t have to stuff it so firmly so we can make a much softer bear. Our non-jointed bear is not only great for hugging, it is going to be a bit more durable for younger children to play with and much more cuddly to crawl into bed with and hug at night.

We are currently only offering one size. Our 20″ non-jointed fabric bear is $95 each. I’m sorry, we don’t offer this option from fur coats, only in fabric-based garments.

Shipping is additional.

Click here to find out more about our fabric non-jointed bears

18 memory bears for the family

Sherry Downs sent a box of her late husband’s shirts to have us make 18 memory bears for the family.  The shirts were a variety of solid colors so we decided to mix them up and use pieces from at least three shirts per bear.  This colorful crowd was very hard to photograph but I’m hoping they will bring comfort and joy to the family.

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Memory Bears from a Daughter’s Clothing

Dawn Carter sent us a pair of jeans and a shirt that were her daughter’s to have these memory bears made. Her daughter was only 27 when she passed. One bear is going to her daughter’s best friend’s toddler son so that he can remember her as he grows up.


Remembering Grandma Through Her Robes


Lisa Lane sent two robes that belonged to her late grandmother.  She wanted bears made for herself, her mother and her sister.  Between the two garments, there were three different fabric textures so we mixed them up to make each bear a little different.

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