A Lacey Christening Gown

A Lacey Christening Gown

Joy Scott sent her wedding dress to have us make an heirloom christening gown for her granddaughter. The original dress had some lovely corded lace but not much lace trim so I chose to make a lace element on the front skirt and put the lace on the gown bodice. We used up pretty-much all of the lace in this little gown.

Baby Quilt From Wedding Dress

Baby Quilt From Wedding Dress

Cathy Jones sent us her wedding dress to have a baby blanket made from it. Her dress did not have a lot of lace and ornamentation to use so I chose to center what worked best and then create appliqued leaves and lotus as a way to create an elegant blanket. Photographing the blankets and quilts is really challenging so this photo doesn’t do it justice. 

Bouquet Sash & Wrap

One way for a bride to use a bit of Mom’s wedding dress is by having the bridal bouquet wrapped with a sash or bouquet wrap.  We offer a sash or a wrap that can take advantage of some of the ornamental parts of a wedding dress.

Our sash can be wrapped around floral stems or a bouquet holder as a decorative element for the bridal bouquet.  We try to incorporate any lace and bead work elements we can.

Our wrap is more intended to hold the stems of the bouquet.  You can roll it around the stems and then it ties with ribbon bows–becoming a decorative part of the bouquet itself.

What to do with a Wedding Dress

I people often call and ask me what can be done with their wedding dress.  Although FGC offers several options, you kind of have to look all over this web site to find them all. So, I created a new sub-page under Heirloom Gifts called “What to do with a Wedding Dress

That page gives links and descriptions for all of the different items through the web site that can be made from wedding dress fabrics/materials.

I am planning to expand our Wedding Dress Conversions services this year to include a selection of purses, some additional Christening accessories and Communion accessories and a couple more Bridal gift options as well so check in every now and then.

Wedding Dress Converted to Blanket, Bears and Flowers

Judith Mosier sent her wedding dress to have us make several items including a patchwork blanket, a couple of bears, tooth fairy pillows, a couple of cabbage patch doll dresses and roses.

Her wedding dress had limited amounts of lace that we placed on different squares.  We also created patterns with ribbon and different strips of the different materials to  create variety.

MosierJ Blanket01web

MosierJ Angelbear01webMosierJ TFpillowbwebMosierJ TFpillowawebMosierJ Rose01webMosierJ CabbageDollDress02web

Lovely Wedding Dress Blanket

June Varas had us turn the remnants of her WD into this baby blanket. I used the lace elements from her WD as applique on some of the squares and backed the patchwork top with soft fleece to make the blanket soft and cuddly.

VarasJ blanket01web

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