Twin Christening Gowns from Mom’s Wedding Dress

Jackie Virgil sent her wedding dress to have baptism gowns made for her twins. We did a lacey gown for her daughter and a more plain gown for her son. We also made matching bonnets to go with each gown.

VirgilJ02 web

Virgil babiesJackie sent us a lovely note: Thanks Liane and team! Our gowns turned out gorgeous and everyone loved them!

And she left us a very nice review on FaceBook: AMAZING work! This company is the only one you should consider if you want to convert your wedding gown into christening gown(s). I just had two made for my twins and they are gorgeous! We got so many compliments! I can’t wait to be able to pass them down to future generations!

Ornate Unisex Christening Gown from Mother’s Wedding Dress

MullenA01 webAshley Mullen sent her wedding dress to have an ornate unisex christening gown made for her daughter. She wanted it to be ornate, but something a future son could wear as well so we made it in our “Bishop” style with a wide, plain split collar but used the lace over the WD lining fabric for the base of the gown.


Unisex Christening Gown Wedding Dress Remnants

Melissa Lee had her wedding dress shortened and sent the remnants to us to have this unisex baptism gown made. In order to get the length we wanted, we had to sew two sections of fabric together, we then added two horizontal ribbons as both a decorative element and to hide the seam. We were also able to get a matching bib and booties from what was left of the fabric.



Lovely Ensemble from Wedding Dress

Lauren Littlefield sent her wedding dress to have this christening gown ensemble made for her daughter and any future children. In addition to the gown, we made a girl and a boy bonnet, a pair of unisex booties and a lovely jewelry pouch.

Unisex Baptism Gown from Dress Train

Jessica Hall sent a piece of her wedding dress train to have us make this unisex gown. She also sent the ribbon from her bouquet so we used it as trim down the front of the gown and on the matching bonnet.

Family Heirloom Becomes New Heirloom

Mary Munchak sent us a family wedding dress that she wore in 1982 and her mother before her wore in 1958. We made this ensemble for her grandson and future grandchildren.
MunchakM Gown01 webMunchakM Robe01 webMunchakM Booties01 webMunchakM Bonnet01 webMunchakM Bib01 webMunchakM Romper01 webMunchakM WD01 web

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