2020 ReCap – Some of our favorites

2020 ReCap – Some of our favorites

Ok, I like to do a wrap-up post of the past year here at Fairy Godmother Creations. 2020 was a rough year in a lot of ways. Sales were down quite a bit. COVID-19 shut down Christenings and Baptisms so we ended up making a lot fewer outfits than usual.

We produced 92 Christening outfits and accessories this year (compared to 288 in previous years).

We made 297 bears and 114 bear accessories

We made 46 quilted items and 327 miscellaneous items like tree topper angels, ornaments, Christmas stockings, Tree Skirts etc.

Here are a few of my favorite projects from the year. ?

This little bear had it all. She was a gift from the client for his wife and he had a whole list of things he wanted us to try with it. I thought she came out really cute.

Although I generally love the angels we put out, this one was more unusual because we worked with something other than a wedding dress.

We made some really lovely Christening outfits this year, but I thought this one was especially lovely. It helps to have such lovely materials to work with.

We ended up making four quilts for this customer. They were all made from his fatigues and I was really proud of the way they all turned out.

I just loved the way this Christmas Tree Skirt turned out. Julia did most of the work on it. come to think of it, I think Julia did the work on the angel and ornaments as well.

This quilt was made from a late sister’s scarves. I actually made two of these (different colors) but this one was my favorite.

These were made from grandpa’s military uniforms and grandma’s nurses uniform.

These were made from a woman’s sons’ onesies. Her sons are much older now and she didn’t want to just get rid of the onesies so she asked me to make dinos from them.

This pony was made from a dad’s military outfit for his son.

This dino was made from a dad’s military outfit for his sons.

This was a new monkey pattern for me this year. I ended up making three of them. It is just a really fun gift to make.

These two were made from a dog’s bed. The family lost their dog and mom wanted two pups for her sons in memory of their beloved pet.

A Fluffy Bear from Aunt’s Fur Coat

A Fluffy Bear from Aunt’s Fur Coat

Berri sent us her late Aunts fur coat. She wanted a bear made in her Aunt’s memory from it.  The coat was Raccoon so it made a really fluffly bear.

“Liane, OMG!  My Aunt Bettye Bear just arrived. I have been crying for 10 minutes.  She came out perfect. I can still smell my Aunt.  Thank you and you team for making a beautiful memory for me!”  Berri Winnick

Re-purposing Her Fur Jacket

Re-purposing Her Fur Jacket

June Weedon put this nice note on my Facebook page after she had received her bears made from her fur jacket.

“In cleaning out my closet, I found the mink jacket my husband bought me many years ago.  He has since passed and I wondered what to do with it.  With the debate over whether one should or should not wear animal fur, I decided to check the internet to see if I could find someone who could make my jacket into two 14” bears for my grandchildren, and found you—Fairy Godmother Creations.  I received the bears that you made yesterday, and LOVE THEM!  Your workmanship is superb!  Using the lining of my coat to make a monogrammed scarf with each grandchild’s name embroidered on it was “frosting on the cake.

“I am so pleased with them and can’t wait to give each grandchild their bear.  All best,” June Weedon.

Bears for Grandma and Grandchild

Bears for Grandma and Grandchild

Janice Nunez sent us her late mother’s mink fur jacket to have us make these custom, jointed bears for her grand grandchild and herself.

Furry Heirloom Bear

Nancy Campbell sent us her fur coat to have this guy made. She sent this photo along with a nice note.

“I had a bear made from my grandmother’s mink coat. My bear has such personality! so happy to preserve my grandmother’s memory in this fashion!”

Furry Friendship Bears

I frequently have people ask about a lower priced fur bear option.  They are just looking for an option that allows each family member to have a little keepsake of the original garment.  So, I’m thinking about adding my “Friendship Bear” option but am very conflicted about it.

I prefer to make the jointed bears from fur because they are a higher quality final product that should last a lifetime if taken care of.  However, they are time consuming and the price I have to charge reflects that.

I created a little pattern for about a 10″ non-jointed bear many years ago.  I call it my “Friendship Bear”.  It is much simpler to make than a jointed bear so I could bring it down to a price point of $55-$75.  However, it doesn’t convey near the quality that my jointed bears do and I don’t want to dilute my brand.  Any thoughts?

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