June Weedon put this nice note on my Facebook page after she had received her bears made from her fur jacket.

“In cleaning out my closet, I found the mink jacket my husband bought me many years ago.  He has since passed and I wondered what to do with it.  With the debate over whether one should or should not wear animal fur, I decided to check the internet to see if I could find someone who could make my jacket into two 14” bears for my grandchildren, and found you—Fairy Godmother Creations.  I received the bears that you made yesterday, and LOVE THEM!  Your workmanship is superb!  Using the lining of my coat to make a monogrammed scarf with each grandchild’s name embroidered on it was “frosting on the cake.

“I am so pleased with them and can’t wait to give each grandchild their bear.  All best,” June Weedon.

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