Nancy Busch wanted something a little different from her mink fur coats.¬† She wanted a Monkey, a Pony and a Dog–so that is what we made!

People often ask about the patterns I use and, with my bears, it is complicated because the patterns are an amalgamation of several patterns that I combined and then, those patterns have morphed over the past 16 years as I adapted them to work with every kind of material thrown my way ūüôā¬† However, I don’t get to do different animals that often in an average year so I usually use an existing pattern.

This was the first time I’ve used this monkey pattern.¬† I normally like to use the monkey pattern from the book Adventures in Toy-Making by Gillian Bradshaw-Smith (published in 1976).¬† It is a fun pattern and I like the look.¬† However, there was a pattern in another book I have Sew Soft and Cuddly Animals by Donna Childers (published in 1978) that has had me intrigued for some time so I decided to give it a try.¬† It is a more difficult pattern, but I do like that the features are more defined.¬† The face, ears, foot and hand pads are made of doe suede.¬† It had the right texture to go with this fur.


This pony pattern is also found in Sew Soft and Cuddly Animals.¬† It is my favorite for thicker fabrics or fur usually.¬† There is another really good pony pattern in the book Easy-to-Make Stuffed Animals & All the Trimmings by Jodie Davis (published in 1992) but the legs are somewhat thin so they don’t work as well with thick fur or fabrics.¬† For this pony, I chose to add some of my own contrast¬†black mink¬†on the hooves and found some died black fox for the main and tail.¬† To help him stand, I did sink small dowel rods wrapped in poly fiber fill¬†into each of his legs


For the dog, I have a lot of different dog patterns to choose from–including a variety of breeds–however, I keep coming back to McCall’s Crafts Pattern #M6620.¬† I’ve used this pattern many times and really like it for a basic dog even though it has a couple of different breeds represented.¬† It isn’t a particularly easy pattern, but the finished dog usually actually looks like a dog ūüôā


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