CiafoloK01web2Getting a christening outfit from a wedding dress sometimes takes compromises. Every now and then, the wedding dress we receive doesn’t quite work with the overall style that the person who sent it has in mind. When Keri sent us her wedding dress, she sent it along with a number of images she found on our site (and a few others :)) of christening gowns she really liked. The thing all of the gowns had in common was that they were light and flowy with translucent fabrics. Keri’s wedding dress was beautiful, but it was made of heavy satin with lovely bead work and there wasn’t anything really light and translucent on it. So, when we sent her our thumbnail sketch, we sketched the closest to what we could get in her fabrics and also sketched a concept that would require us to provide some lacey fabric to give the outfit the kind of look she was after. The bodice and all the under fabrics come from Keri’s dress, the only addition was the lace mesh that we used over the skirt and for the sleeves.

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