Bears for Grandma and Grandchild

Bears for Grandma and Grandchild

Janice Nunez sent us her late mother’s mink fur jacket to have us make these custom, jointed bears for her grand grandchild and herself.

Beaver Fur Stole Converted to Treasured Memory Bear

Dolores Hattendorf sent a shaved beaver fur stole to have this bear made. She gave us free reign to select the eye color and decide whether or not to use the lining for a scarf. We chose blue eyes because they showed up better against the dark fur and I decided not to...

Remembering Mom With Four Memory Bears

Cynthia Shane Smith sent her late mother’s stole to have these little memory bears made for herself and family members. There was a little lace on the stole lining. Not enough for four scarves so we made scarves from fabrics we had here but added a piece of the...

Grandmother’s Mink Stole Becomes Huggable Memory Bear

Lauralyn Eimans sent her grandmother’s mink stole to have a soft, huggable bear made. There was enough fur in the stole to make a 14″ bear. We used the garment lining for the paw and ear pads and to make the scarf.  
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