Cloth Bears for Daughters and Granddaughters

Janet Mollerups sent some clothing items from her late mother to have bears made for her daughters and granddaughters. She had a specific mix of the different fabrics in mind and we tried to give each individual bear its own personality. Click to Enlarge...

Sweat Shirt Becomes a Memory Bear for a Friend

Andrea Rabiner sent us a Michigan Wolverines sweat shirt to have a memory bear made for a friend. We couldn’t fit all of the graphics from the shirt, but we did use some of them in the creation of this happy guy.  

Beautiful Bears Created from Two Fur Coats

Christine Sargent sent two furs, one from her mother and the other from her mother-in-law, to have these 16″ beauties made. We couldn’t get them all the same with the available fur, so we mixed the furs.

Beloved Brother’s Shirt Becomes Memory Bear for Sister-in-Law

Sandy Romkey sent her late brother’s shirt to have a memory bear made and sent to her sister-in-law. She had also included a little note that we mounted on to a piece of card stock and put into a matching mini envelope that we attached to the bear’s paw.  ...
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