Embroidery from Mom’s Wedding Dress Featured on Christening Gown

Embroidery from Mom's Wedding Dress Featured on Christening GownLauren Von Euw sent her wedding dress to have a christening gown made. Her wedding dress had some lovely cut-out embroidery so we decided to capture that detail in the skirt of the christening gown. We kept the opaque part long enough to get to baby’s toes and then left the cut-out embroidery open.

Liane, Thank you so much! I can’t wait for my daughter to wear it. Lauren

Baptism Outfit From Train of Mom’s Wedding Dress

Baptism Outfit From Train of Mom's Wedding DressKristen Marshal asked us to make a baptism outfit for her daughter from the train of her wedding dress and leave as much of the dress as possible for a future Communion gown.

Happily there was plenty of fabric in the train to make baptism gown with. We did swipe a string of bead work from the bodice to put at the gown’s waist, but sent the rest of the gown back with the finished baptism outfit.


Wedding Dress Redesigned as Christening Outfits for Grandchildren

Peggy Nolan sent us her wedding dress to have christening outfits made for grandchildren. She wanted the gown to be as long as we could get it. The original WD was made of a soft polyester that has quite a bit of stretch to it so it gave us a bit of a challenge. We ended up adding just a touch of satin as well to create some contrast.


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