My niece likes to write and she publishes some of her writing at Fictionpress.com. One of the projects she has going is a series of 52 poems (each 52 words long) about dragons. It is a cute series and inspired me to try and create a couple of her dragons.

SA Banana03 “In the jungle there lived a bright yellow dragon with brown spots. He called himself Banana and hung around with a wild boar and one crazy jaguar. The three of them could often be found experimenting with the many hallucinogens one finds in the jungle. That is, until the cottage cheese incident.” SA DeathFang08“He was the most feared dragon in all the land, but with a name like Death Fang it was kind of expected. He was huge with glossy black scales and a glare that could melt steel. You can imagine the surprise when they found him wearing a pink feather boa and lipstick.”
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