Elizabeth Mulford contacted me one day and asked if I could clean up her Father’s cherished stuffed rabbit toy.  It was an old, straw-stuffed animal and I told her that I may not be able to do more than find a way to fix the holes and create a new outfit.  She said she understood and sent me the toy.  Below is the before and after as well as Elizabeth’s reaction:

“Thank you so much, Liane! He is perfect and my husband actually was choked up when he saw the photo and that takes a lot from him. He will be perfect to pass along to my niece’s baby and I am so thrilled to have my dad’s toy restored. I will highly recommend you and in the future I may have another animal for myself as my dad had an old bear as well who is not in as worn of a condition but needs love and maybe an outfit as his is long gone. …. Thank you so much again. I know little to nothing about my father’s early life so having these toys restored makes me feel like I am closer to him again. Elizabeth Mulford   (Just letting you know he arrived safely and is even better than what I said about the pictures! I love it! Thank you again!)”

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