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Janet’s dress was very elegant and covered in lace and beautiful beadwork. She wanted a baptism gown for her daughter that was “girly”. I used my princess style. That allowed me to create the basic skirt from the lighter-weight lining fabric from Janet’s WD. I put an inset in the skirt front of mesh with beadwork and trimmed it with the lace from Janet’s veil. Then, I added an overlay to the skirt from the mesh and beadwork of the original WD that opens in the front, framing the inset to the skirt below. The beadwork presented quite a challenge to my sewing machine (I busted 8 needles on this gown) but the final outcome was worth the work.

Hi Liane, I just got the dress and it is absolutely beautiful! Definately a work of art! I will definately send you a picture of my baby from her baptism so you can see how it looks on . I will absolutely recommend you to anyone who asks. I’m sure many people from church will ask me where I got it once they see how beautiful she looks!

Thanks again for all your hard work (and I”m sorry about all your broken needles!) . I’ll be sending you some pictures in a few weeks. Until then, have a nice holiday season!


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