I’ve decided to hi-light some of the booties we’ve made as accessories to christening outfits. All of these have been made from wedding dress materials. We charge $45 for a pair of custom booties and we try to incorporate elements that match the christening outfit.  We can add embroidered initials on the top or a baptism date on the sole for $18 per foot.

WestdykeJ bootieswebStengerC bootieswebShepardR bootieswebSferrazzaPbootiesSertichMbootieswebSernaR bootieswebSennerC03bootiesRussellRbootiesMunchakM Booties01 webMosleyC04webMesarosMbootiesMatthiesK bootieswebLittlefieldL04 bootieswebkeepersJ booties01webHodginsK booties01webHahnM04webFurmanM Booties01webDickensbootiesBuenoG01webBokowskiKbootie01webBartelG booties01webWyckoffM booties


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