FGC contest photoPress Release 05/30/15

Dayton is full of unique, small businesses and Fairy Godmother Creations (FGC) is one of them. FGC is a custom heirloom sewing business in Dayton Ohio that specializes in re-tasking people’s heirloom garments. Their primary services include turning wedding dresses into christening outfits and first communion outfits, turning old fur coats and clothing into memory teddy bears.  Owner Liane Wagner has entered FGC in the Mission Main Street Grants contest and is looking for help getting the 250 votes needed to push her business into the next phase.

When asked why FGC should be supported, she replied “That kind of investment could really help push FGC to the next step in our growth.  We’ve been growing organically since day one.  FGC has always been self-funded, but that makes growth slow.  Even so, our business is growing.  We are located in the city and we’ve brought a couple more jobs into the city.  The jobs we bring can’t be outsourced and our customer base is from all over the US and Canada so we bring new money into the area.”

When asked exactly what she would do with the grant money if she wins, she had a specific wish list in mind:

“Well, an influx of $100,000 would allow us to add real, commercial grade sewing machines.  We currently use small machines that wear out quickly but I’ve not had the capital to invest in solid, commercial grade machines.  It would also help us add some new people to our staff because we could afford the sewing stations needed to support new staff.  In addition, I really want to be able to increase my studio space and add a show room so that we can take better advantage of the local and regional market and add a small retail component.  We currently have people driving in from Chicago, Indianapolis, Cleveland and Kentucky so I know people are willing to come a distance to drop off their wedding dress or fur coat”

“As local, small businesses grow, so does the overall economy of Dayton so I’m hoping the community will help push me to the next phase of the contest”

For those willing to vote for FGC, here is the contest page address:  https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/b/46645  where you can cast your vote.  For more information about FGC, go to their web site at www.fairygodmothercreations.com.

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