Memory Bears from a Daughter’s Clothing

Dawn Carter sent us a pair of jeans and a shirt that were her daughter’s to have these memory bears made. Her daughter was only 27 when she passed. One bear is going to her daughter’s best friend’s toddler son so that he can remember her as he grows up.


Remembering Grandma Through Her Robes


Lisa Lane sent two robes that belonged to her late grandmother.  She wanted bears made for herself, her mother and her sister.  Between the two garments, there were three different fabric textures so we mixed them up to make each bear a little different.

Memory Teddy Bears from Mom’s Shirts

Carol Ruth sent several of her late mother’s shirts to have bears made for her children and herself. Each bear was made from one shirt with contrast from one of the other shirts.RuthC01web

Remembering Joseph Proulx


I mentioned earlier this year that my Father passed away in January. After his memorial service, I took some of his clothing home with me with the intention of making a couple of memory bears for my two sisters.

It took quite a while to get them done, but they are finished. My father had bright orange/red hair and a bushy mustache. When I was done with the bears, it seemed like there was still something missing. My husband reminded me that I have an old badge maker so I printed pictures of my Dad and made badges to put on the bears.

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