Baptism Outfit made from Grandmother’s 1980s Dress

Denise Larner sent her wedding dress from the early 1980s to have this ensemble made for her first grandson and any future grandchildren. The gown is our traditional “Bishop” style. We tried to keep it unisex while also capturing some of the lovely lace elements from the original dress.

Christening Ensemble and Burp Cloths

SahliL01webLisa Sahli sent her mother’s wedding dress to have christening outfits made for her grandchildren. She also wanted a garter for her daughter’s wedding and some burp cloths as gifts for her children and grandchildren.

Capturing the Lovely Details

MikolajczykM01webMarina Mikolajczyk sent her wedding dress to have us turn it into this baptism Gown and Romper combo. We tried to capture the lovely detail from the wedding dress.

The WD had a lot of asymmetric elements that we needed to make more symmetric in order for them to work on an infant gown so we ended up taking all the lace off and re-applying it–something my two assistants appreciated

Toddler Tux and Infant Gown

BottigerB01webBrandi Bottiger sent her wedding dress to have a baptism outfit made for her infant daughter and a tuxedo jacket made for her three-year-old son. We tried to emphasize the beautiful lace and bead work in the gown and picked up just a bit of it for the jacket as well.

Organza Combo Delight

WimmerV01webVictoria Wimmer asked for this Christening Gown, Romper & Bonnet combo from her wedding dress. Her WD had a lot of organza so we used it. Not only did the “Princess” style gown have a flowing layer of organza, we also treated the organza over the WD lining material as a single fabric for the romper.

Lace Makes Elegant Combo

MurphyA 01webAllison Murphy sent her mother’s wedding dress to have a baptism gown made for her daughter and a boy’s romper for future grandsons. We used as much of the lace and beading as we could, especially in the girl’s gown. She asked for a matching protective bib and a headband as well.

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