Flower Girl’s Train Skirts from Wedding Dress

Kathleen Hoppe sent her wedding dress to have two little train skirts for her daughters to wear as flower girls in their uncle’s wedding. Kathleen’s dress had lots of gathered organza ruffles–which gave me quite a challenge to tame smile emoticon In...

Wedding Dress Remnants Made into Bridal Pouches

Diane Andrews sent the remnants of her dress back to have us make some custom pouches for a future wedding. We had the opportunity to make similar pouches for her daughter’s wedding and she liked them so much that she ordered more for the future. She wanted a...

Christmas Ornaments from Wedding Dress Remnants

Amy LaPierre sent some lace remnants from her wedding dress to have us make three Christmas ornaments for her and her children’s families. There was some netting attached to the lace so we used it as well and then added a little satin ribbon.

Bears Made From Dad’s Neck Ties for Sons

Elizabeth sent us a bunch of her late husband’s ties to have these two necktie bears made for her grown sons. The ties were very colorful, which makes colorful bears.

Flower Girl’s Dress from Wedding Dress

Kathleen Brothers sent her wedding dress to be made into a flower girl’s dress for her daughter to wear to her uncle’s wedding. We also made a matching headband and panties as well as a wedding garter.

A Touch of Pink in Christening Outfit

Penelope Simpson sent her wedding dress to have a christening outfit made for her granddaughter. We don’t often get wedding dresses with color in them so, when we do, we like to play with the color a bit.  The floral overlay made for such an elegant...

Bohemian Christening Gown with Lace

Adrienne Sommers sent her wedding dress to have a baptism outfit made for her granddaughter.  She told us that her granddaughter was going to be raised in a Bohemian/Natural style so I decided to change up the design a bit.  I wanted the gown to have a free-lowing,...

Traditional, Ornate and Beautiful

Ruth Abrahams sent her wedding dress to have an ornate unisex baptism gown made.  She said she loved the lace and hoped to have it be traditionally ornate and very beautiful.   She also had us make a ring pillow for the future.

Lovely Lacey Baptism Gown

Williamson sent her wedding dress to have a baptism gown made for her daughter.  She wanted an heirloom that could be treasured for generations.  We used the lace and materials to make a gown in our “princess” style.

Lace Makes Graceful Christening Outfit

Melanie Kilanowski-Doroh sent us her wedding dress to have an ornate unisex christening gown made with both a boy and girl bonnet and a bib.  Her WD had some lovely lace cut-out in the skirt and along the hem line and bead work that we tried to take full advantage...
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