Wall Hangings & Table Runners

Whether you want a table runner for her wedding table made from your wedding dress, or a wall hanging made from those infant clothes you’ve been storing all these years, we can create an interesting way to keep and display the materials from one or several garments. My Fabric Wall Hanging pricing is based on either whether we are creating a flat, patchwork and applique or a 3-D sculpture.

For a Flat/Applique design Fabric Wall Hanging or table runner I charge

  • $130 for an 18″ x 24″ rectangle
  • $160 for a 36″ x 24″ rectangle
  • $190 for a 36″ square.

For Quilted and/or 3-D Sculptured design I charge

  • $195 for an 18″ x 24″ rectangle
  • $235 for a 36″ x 24″ rectangle
  • $265 for a 36″ square

To order, simply click on the blue “order form” image to find our Heirloom Gifts PDF order form to print off and put with your garments or, you can contact me at Liane@fairygodmothercreations.com or call 937-231-5025

Flat Gallery

Quilted and 3D Gallery

Fur Throws 

Fur throws are a lot more difficult to make than most people realize.  Fur cut and sewn for a coat or stole is on an angle and cutting it into squares or rectangles actually doesn’t look that good.  So, arranging the fur in a way that looks good takes a lot of work. Most full-length coats can get a small throw.  If you have a jacket, the fur would need to be augmented to get such a throw and I would want to discuss the kind of fur (s) before giving an estimate.

I charge $325 for a small, plain throw (36″ x 48″).


Fur Throws Gallery

Fur Wall Hangings

If you have several furs and would like a picture wall hanging or throw made like the wolf one shown here, they start at $850. I can augment your fur with a variety of types and colors to achieve a picture effect.  Call or email me to discuss how I can make a beautiful display piece from your fur. You can reach me on my cell phone at 937-231-5025

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