Christmas Gifts

​From Christmas stockings to tree skirts, we can create heirloom items from your garments that the whole family can share for generations.  To see more detail in any of the photos, just click on it.  To order, click on the Order Form button or Click Here for PDF Order Form

Tree Topper Angels $120

We can take some of your wedding dress (or favorite garment) and turn it into a Christmas Angel Tree Topper. They run from 10″-13″ tall. Unfortunately, I have a challenge consistently finding the same pre-purchased ceramic heads and hands.  The styles available change so I can’t guarantee a specific look.  I can change the hair color so you can choose from blond or brown or reddish brown.  It takes about a 24″ x 36″ piece of fabric plus some of the embellishments that you might want included. Click here for an order form


Tree Topper Angels  Gallery

Christmas Ornaments $35-$55

Christmas ornaments make lovely family gifts and we can use your wedding dress or any special garment to make pretty keepsakes for family members.  Each ornament is hand made and we try to incorporate whatever ornamentation we can from the original garment.  We currently offer a couple of styles to choose from:

Cross $35

Our cross ornament is a cross made of fabric and usually decorated at the center with some element from the garment.  It works well with both heavy and light fabrics and we make them from any kind of garment, not just wedding dresses.


Angel Ornament $45

Our little primitive angel ornament has a head but no features and is a very simplified angel compared to our Tree topper angel.  However, they don’t take a lot of fabric so we can make quite a few of these from remnant pieces.  We can do these with a pre-made porcelain head as well.

Ball $35

Our ball ornament is a ball made of fabric and stuffed and decorated.  It works well with both heavy and light fabrics and we make them from any kind of garment, not just wedding dresses.


Poinsettia Star $55

Our poinsettia star ornament is a two-sided poinsettia/star made of fabric and stuffed. We try to contrast the star from the background and will add a few hand-sewn sparkles on it. These are more time consuming to make, but are very elegant ornaments. They don’t work well with very heavy fabrics.  We make them from any kind of lighter-weight garments, not just wedding dresses.


Stockings $95

Include your loved one in your holiday celebration by having stockings made from their clothing for every member of the family. We offer a roomy 18″ patchwork stocking.  You can have them all the same or each different. For Ordering, click here to download a PDF order form



Stockings  Gallery

Tooth Fairy Pillow $25

A Simple pillow shaped like a tooth with wings and a little pocket with snap closure.  It has a ribbon loop to hang on a door knob or bed post.



Tooth Fairy Pillow Gallery

Christmas Tree Skirts

Order formWhat better way to share an heirloom wedding dress with multiple adult children than by having it turned into Christmas tree skirts.  Every year, this special heirloom is not only beautiful, but meaningful. We can use your garments to make unique Christmas tree skirts. Tree skirts come in the following sizes and prices:

24″ across = $120 each 36″ across = $185 each 48″ across = $245 each 52″ across = $285 each 60″ across = $325 each

Shipping is $15 for the first skirt and $3 for each additional. To order,  Click Here for a PDF Order Form My measurements are based on measuring across the full circle from edge to edge. So, the measurement from the tree trunk to the outer edge of the skirt would be approximately half of the total measurement. This means a 48″ skirt measures 24″ all the way around from the trunk.


Tree Skirt Gallery

Christmas Tree Skirt Video

Watch our short video about our Christmas Tree Skirt service.


If you have something specific in mind, and don’t see it here, please just email me using the form at the bottom of this page.

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