Custom Heirloom Gifts from Your Garments

We offer a variety of gift items made from clothing, wedding dresses and fur coats.  I’ve organized these items in the following categories. Just click on them to go to the page where you can find options, pricing and ordering information

Bridal Gifts

Share your wedding dress with the next generation by using the materials for simple gifts any bride would love including garters, ring pillows, pouches, kerchiefs . . . 

Pillows & Pillow Shams

 A pillow made from a loved one’s clothes can bring comfort all night.  This is a simple options for having something to hug and sleep with, or a decorative memory.

Quilted Gifts

What says heirloom better than a quilt?  We provide a variety of quilted items including pillows & pillow shams, lap quilts and small blankets, wall hangings, table runners . . .

Fur Keepsakes

If you want to share an heirloom fur with many people in the family, we do offer a limited number of keepsakes we can make from fur at minimum order quantities.

Holiday Gifts

The Holidays are a great time to pass on traditions and share the memories of special people or special garments.  We make Christmas stockings, tree skirts, angel tree toppers, tooth fairy pillows  . . .

What We Can Do With a Wedding Dress

We can make a number of different items from wedding dress materials, from purses and kerchiefs to quilts and pillows.  Take a look at some of our options.

To discuss your project or to make a reservation:

Phone: 937-231-5025
Email: Use the form at the bottom of this page

Liane Wagner
Fairy Godmother Creations
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Reservations are recommended, we work on each project in the order they come in unless different arrangements have been made.

 To order anything you see, you can either contact us by phone at 937-231-5025, or add a note about it on any order form found on this web site.  You can also email me by using the form at the bottom of this page.

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