We make custom First Communion gowns from your wedding dress. We also make boys’ ties and vests. Let us turn your wedding dress into a First Communion outfit for your young one to wear.  We offer girl’s gowns, dresses and veils and boy’s vests and ties.  Our normal turn-around time is about 8-10 weeks so it does take some planning but give me a call to talk about your event date and whether we can provide an heirloom garment for your child.

Here are the First Communion Gowns and Accessories We Offer

Girl’s First Communion Gowns & Dresses $300-$650

We can create a first communion gown at the length you prefer. We offer a longer, formal gown or a shorter dress.  It depends on how much fabric your wedding dress has to offer and what you are wanting to have made.  Since fit and style are far more customized for a child of this age, we aren’t currently offering specific styles.  We will design the dress/gown based on the materials from your dress and what you tell us you want.  We can augment your fabrics if needed.

A First Communion gown will run between $300-$650 depending on the length, design and materials involved.  Mostly what drives the price up is when we need to add extra lace, fabrics or bead work. Or when hand bead work is required to get the look you are after.  If no extra materials are required and we can use whatever ornamental elements without having to re-work them (particularly bead work), then the price stays at the base price.

  • Knee length starts at $300,
  • Mid length at $350 and
  • Long starts at $400.

We will create an overall design approach and give you an accurate estimate before the work gets under way.

Girl’s First Communion Bolero Jacket $120

She might like something sleeveless for the communion after party, but need something to cover her shoulders or arms in church.  A lovely bolero jacket gives her the best option.

Girl’s First Communion Veil $85-$110

We can reduce your original veil or  create a new one from the materials of your wedding dress and veil or even create one from our own materials to match the gown we make from your wedding dress.


Jewelry Pouch $40

A great keepsake for a young girl, a godmother or a future bride.  We make a simple, draw-string pouch that can hold make-up or jewelry on a special occasion (weddings, communions, christenings) and can be used to store special items afterward.

Each pouch is custom made from the materials you send us. We can add our own embellishment if you want though. The final pouch stands about 6″-7″ making it a nice little holder for jewelry or make-up for that special occasion.  It has a snap closure with a pull ribbon that acts as a wrist strap.  Click Here to find it on one of our order forms

Kerchiefs/Pocket Squares $28

Kerchiefs made from mom’s wedding dress make a lovely keepsake for First Communion.  They are also a way to give your son/grandson something from your dress for his future wedding day.  We’ve even made kerchiefs that were put into shadow boxes as a decorative gift that could be taken out and used by a future generation.

Child’s Purse $65

A matching purse to carry on her special day is not only a great keepsake, but it is a pretty, and practical addition to her outfit

Matching Doll First Communion Gown $65

This option was requested recently and we thought it was a fun option.  We will make a miniature version of the communion gown for your daughter’s favorite doll.  We currently have patterns to fit the American Girl or Cabbage Patch Dolls.  What a lovely heirloom to have. For a doll dress without a Communion Gown order, I charge $120.


Boy’s Communion Vest $85-$110

We offer a boy’s standard communion vest or a vest with tuxedo style lapel (as pictured).  A vest can be used with any suit or even over a dress shirt.  We can use some of the more decorative elements of your wedding dress on the front or on the lapel, or we can keep it plain.

  • Boy’s Standard Vest $85
  • Boy’s Vest w/Tuxedo Collar $110

Boy’s Communion Ties (Neck Tie or Bow Tie) $65

Our standard boy’s communion neck tie or bow tie are made from the wedding dress fabrics.  Either tie can include a small amount of ornamentation from the dress or be plain.

Boy’s Communion Vest with Tuxedo Collar and Tie Combo $150

Save a little bit and get our popular boy’s communion vest with tuxedo collar and tie combination.  We can use some of the ornamental elements from your wedding dress, or we can keep things clean and plain.  Either way, your son will have an heirloom communion vest and tie for his special day.


We have the ability to add simple embroidery ( mostly initials, names, dates) to the Kerchief or Pocket Square. We can also create a satin label with the child’s name and communion date and attach it to the inside lining of the vest or skirt of the gown. Our embroidery hoop has a 4″ maximum space this limits us not only in number of characters in a line, but also limits us to four lines and our fonts are limited. This image shows the maximum we can do on one label. We charge $18 per line to cover the time and materials. For elements like crosses and shamrocks we can provide some options as well.

If you don’t see an accessory you want listed here, please just ask about it.

How To Order Your Custom First Communion Outfit

Access the PDF order from by clicking on the image or link, or by

Clicking Here

Send your wedding dress, along with the order form and a $100 deposit.  Include any information that you may have been thinking in terms of style and what it is you want.  Once I receive the dress, I will contact you to discuss your options.  Then I will create a design sketch based on what we’ve discussed and email the sketch to you.  Once we’ve established the design (and estimated costs) the cutting and sewing will begin. Feel free to email me in advance to discuss what it is you are wanting.  I don’t like to try and design an outfit without the wedding dress materials in hand because I don’t know how the original dress was made or how easy/difficult the materials will be to use until I see them.  However, I understand how hard it is to send your wedding dress off to a stranger without knowing something about what it is I’ll be doing with it so I am happy to discuss it over the phone and through email in advance.

Communion Order Form

Shipping is in addition

Ground Shipping (with insurance) runs $16 for the first item and $3 per each additional item. I am located in Dayton, Ohio 2043 Edgeworth Ave., Dayton, OH 45414

To discuss your project or to make a reservation:

Phone: 937-231-5025
Email: Use the form at the bottom of this page

Liane Wagner
Fairy Godmother Creations
2043 Edgeworth Ave
Dayton OH 45414

Reservations are recommended, we work on each project in the order they come in unless different arrangements have been made.


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Communion Gown FAQs

Do I Need to Get the Wedding Dress Cleaned Before Sending?

If your wedding dress has a lot of dirt and staining–especially along the hem.  Then I recommend getting it cleaned before sending it.  I do not offer full cleaning services and simply don’t have the facilities to clean a whole dress.  If you send the dress without cleaning, I try to work around any stains or heavy dirt but it limits what I can use of the dress materials. If there is a section of a dress that has some staining/discoloration and we want to use that section, I will cut the section I want to use and try hand washing it.  Most of the time, I can get age stains, some wine and loose dirt out this way. However, deep stains–like mud/dirt on the hem and train need professional treatment. If my staff and I have to wash sections of a dress, there will be a cleaning fee of $40-$60 depending on how much washing is needed.  At the design stage, I’ll let you know if washing is going to be needed to get you what you want.

How do I ensure the dress will fit properly?

The easiest way is to make sure you get accurate measurements for us to work with.  There is space on the order form for specific measurements.  We will be using those measurements to set up our dress forms.  As long as we have accurate measurements to begin with, we should be pretty close.  There is a fitting stage worked into our process as well.  Once the basic construction of the gown is done, I will send the gown along with instructions and some tools for letting me know where there may need to be adjustments.

How much is shipping going to cost from beginning to end?

You can expect the following possible shipping costs:

  • Shipping the initial wedding dress & order = $15-$30 depending on courier service
  • Shipping of dress to you for fitting = about $15 (included in the initial price)

  • Shipping the dress back to FGC after fitting = about $15

  • Shipping the final dress to you = about $15 (plus anything for any additional items ordered)

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