Communion Outfit Examples

Girl’s Gowns

First Communion Gown

Lauren Bricker sent her wedding dress to have converted for her daughter’s First Communion gown.  Lauren’s dress was very ornate and rather heavy so I adapted a design that allowed us to really use the ornamental elements while making the gown lighter and younger. I was worried about the fitting on this because Lauren’s daughter was thin and tall.  However, on the first fitting it fit perfectly so this project went very smoothly.


Communion Gown from Mom’s Wedding Dress

Heather Rand sent her wedding dress to have a First Communion gown made for her daughter.  She wanted us to maximize the embroidered mesh from the skirt.  The original WD had a strapless bodice.  We couldn’t go strapless because the shoulders need to be covered so we use the mesh for covering.  I was worried about the fitting because the measurements seemed a little unusual and, as it turns out, at the fitting stage, the dress turned out to be too large. Happily, there is a fitting stage worked in so Heather was able to communicate to me where things needed to be changed and I was able to make those adjustments. We also made a veil and a gown for her daughter’s doll.

Communion Gown from Mom’s Wedding Dress

Jolene Sodano wanted to have her daughter’s First Communion dress designed using the remnants of her wedding dress. We had already created a christening gown for her youngest daughter from the dress.

Although there was quite a bit of material to use, we did have to augment it to get the overall look we were after. Jolene gave us a year to create this outfit. I was able to use that time to find just the right trims, laces and matching satins to get the gown that her daughter dreamed of being able to wear.

To be honest, I felt like I was shipping off a personal masterpiece.


It IS a Masterpiece! You are absolutely amazing and I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful dresses you created for our daughters! I am in awe of this dress! It’s even more gorgeous in person! Thank you so much!!!  Jolene

My nephew, Josh, got married and his fiancé Karissa asked if I would make the flower girls’ dresses.  She presented me with some turquoise lining fabric to use.  The fabric was challenging to get to look right with the pattern she wanted and I ended up adding some silver fabric. However, I think the dresses came out cute.  Now, getting these two little girls to stand still together in order to get a picture turned out to be impossible.

Boy’s Vests & Ties

Communion Vest and Tie from Mom’s wedding dress

Jessie Duckro brought the remnants from her wedding dress to have a vest and tie made for her second son.  We had made a First Communion vest and tie for older son a year ago so it was a privilege to make a second one.

Communion vest and tie from Mom’s wedding dress

Priscilla Peek sent the shawl from her wedding dress to have this vest and tie combo made for her son’s First Communion.  We incorporated some of the beads from the shawl into both the vest and the tie.  In this case, we had to augment the translucent organza from the shawl with some satin of our own.

Second Communion vest and tie from Mom’s wedding dress

Jesse Duckro wanted a vest made from her wedding dress for her son to wear for his First Communion.  We made a vest with a tuxedo lapel and a matching tie.

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