Angel Gowns Organizations


Because we make infant baptism outfits from wedding dresses,  a lot of people ask us about Angel Gowns or Infant Burial Gowns. Many people are looking to donate their wedding dress to have gowns made. I wish I and my staff had the time and resources to donate our time to making Angel Gowns. However, we simply can’t.

I don’t believe this is a service I can offer for profit so I’m including a list of web sites that I have found that were still in business when they were put on this list. Most need financial backing or volunteers more than they need the dress. If you are aware of other organizations, please let me know and I’ll add them.  If you know any of these groups are no longer active, please let me know so I can take them off my list here.

List of Angel Gown Organizations

Note: If you can’t find someone that will make them for free or that can use your wedding dress, I will make them at cost ($24 each for the first four and $18 each for every one after that. Plus shipping) and send them to you so you can donate them either to one of these organizations or to your local hospital. A standard wedding dress can yield 8-16 gowns depending on the types of fabric and style.

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