Memory Bear From Fur Coat Sleeves

Cynthia Mathews sent the sleeves of a fur jacket to have this bear made.  She had the jacket turned into a vest and the sleeves turned into a furry pal.

May Special on Fur Memory Bears

We’re having a special through May on our Fur Memory Bear service.  There is FREE SHIPPING for any fur bear ordered between now and May 31st.  Just print off this coupon image and include it with your order.  OR, you can simply cross out the shipping on the...

Fur Bear to Comfort a Friend

Cyndi Sutton sent us a fur stole that she had found at an estate sale. She wanted it turned into a bear for a dear friend in hopes that her friend would find joy and comfort.

Memory Bear for Gabby

Linda Leggio sent her fur to have us make a very special bear with a very special purpose. Her little Yorkie “Gabby” passed and she wanted a special place to store some of Gabby’s ashes. So we made a bear from the fur with a pocket in the back that...

Memory Teddy Bear From Fur Coat Sleeves

Cynthia Mathews sent the sleeves of a fur coat to have this little guy made. The sleeves were leftover when she had the original jacket turned into a vest. This was the perfect use of the leftover fur.

Persian Lamb Coats Make Memory Bears

Natalie Allan sent two Persian lamb coats. She initially wanted four bears from them (two from each coat). When we were done making the four bears, I realized there was enough fur to get two more bears if we mixed the furs. She decided to go ahead and have us make the...
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